[PROFILE] Teen Top


teentopTeen Top is a korean group under TOP Media (along with Shinhwa’s Andy, 100%, and Park Dong Min). This group consists of 6 boys who slowly turned into men.

They released their first single album Come into the World on July 9, 2010 and made their official debut the following day (July 10, 2010) on MBC’s Music Core.

Teen Top’s official fan club name is Angel, previously unofficially named Andromeda.

Their first win was during Crazy era (February 3, 2012 on KBS Music Bank and February 5, 2012 on SBS Inkigayo). They won 1st again for Rocking (September 6, 2013 on KBS Music Bank; September 8, 2013 on SBS Inkigayo; and September 11 on MBC Show Champion).

capReal Name: Bang Min Soo (방민수)

Stage Name: C.A.P (캡)

Birth Date: November 4, 1992

Position: Leader, Rapper

Blood Type: O


@teentopbang (old one)

@asdsdf756 (current one)

Google+: 방민수 (C.A.P.)


  1. He sleeps alone (can’t sleep with someone near him).
  2. Close with Block B’s Park Kyung.
  3. He Has (at least) 7 tattoos.
  4. He goes to Dong Seoul University (dance major).
  5. He has a puppy named, coco (코코).
  6. C.A.P contributed in writing lyrics for the song, Mr.Bang (1st Album, NO.1), along with Electroboyz’s Maboos and Chakun.

chunjiReal Name: Lee Chan Hee (이찬희)

Stage Name: Chunji (천지)

Birth Date: October 5, 1993

Position: Lead Vocal

Blood Type: B

Twitter: @wowous

Google+: 이찬희 (Chunji)


  1. Loves ballad songs (especially Park Hyo Shin’s songs).
  2. He goes to Hanyang University (vocal major).
  3. He has a puppy named, Meonji (먼지).

ljoeReal Name: Lee Byung Hun (이병헌)

Stage Name: L.Joe (엘조)

Birth Date: November 23, 1993

Position: Rapper

Blood Type: A

Twitter: @ljoeljoe1123

Google+: 이병헌 (L. Joe)


  1. L.Joe has two puppies. They are Kan (칸) and Dong (동).

nielReal Name: Ahn Daniel (안다니엘)

Stage Name: Niel (니엘)

Birth Date: August 16, 1994

Position: Main Vocal

Blood Type: A

Twitter: @AH_NIEL_

Google+: 안다니엘 (NIEL)


  1. Niel goes to Sungkyul University (acting major).
  2. He has a puppy named, Kkangkkang (깡깡).
  3. Niel has a cafe (Cafe DaNi).
  4. Niel was a child actor.

rickyReal Name: Yoo Chang Hyun (유창현)

Stage Name: Ricky (리키)

Birth Date: February 27, 1995

Position: Vocal

Blood Type: AB

Twitter: @T_Ricky_T

Google+: 유창현 (Ricky)


  1. Ricky was a child actor.

changjoReal Name: Choi Jong Hyun (최종현)

Stage Name: Changjo (창조)

Birth Date: November 16, 1995

Position: Vocal, Dance

Blood Type: B

Twitter: @whdgus1004

Google+: 최종현 (Chang jo)


  1. He has a puppy named, Jjong (쫑).

TEEN-TOP-Taipei-press-1Teen Top’s SNS:

  1. Official website
  2. me2day
  3. Facebook
  4. Twitter
  5. Google+
  6. Weibo
  7. Daum Cafe

Soure: Teen Top Official Facebook, NielFacts, Wikipedia, fyteensontop


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