TEEN TOP becomes the first Korean artist to hold a solo concert in Hungary


20140414020431_0After their 2014 World Tour “High Kick” in USA and Canada, TEEN TOP has just ended their world tour in Europe. They started their Europe tour in Moscow, Rusia on April 10. Then they headed to Budapest, Hungary on April 12. And they ended their Europe tour in Paris, France on April 13.

20140414020428_0The interesting thing is TEEN TOP is the first Korean artist who hold a solo concert in Hungary!

They will continue their 2014 World Tour “High Kick” in Taiwan on June 15.


BlBvJMdCEAAMJRrHungarian Angels who supported and cheered for TEEN TOP

BlCjNUMCQAAIS7iTEEN TOP before their concert in Hungary

BlDP__NCIAAmBmRTEEN TOP after their concert in Hungary

2014041401350_0Successful TEEN TOP in Hungary

Source: ChunJiFacts, TEEN TOP, The Star, Sports World


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